Design Inspiration

Your wedding should be a reflection of you. A great place to start thinking about the "look" of your wedding is by looking at your own house...or the house you want to have! What style do you gravitate towards?

Does Hollywood Regency make your heart beat faster?

Viceroy, Palm Springs, Designed by the AMAZING Kelly Werstler

Maybe Mid Century Mod is more your style....

Or is Classic Baroque your dream decor? 

Thinking about the interior design you like is a great way to start conceptualizing patterns, colors, and overall mood and feel of the wedding you'd like to have. 


Sally said...

I love the black, white and yellow theme.

Jen said...

Oo! The red chandeliers are so awesome!

Stephanie said...

Totally agree! Your wedding should represent YOU and your style and interests! Seth and I LOVE everything that is fall and autumn, so we got married in October and all of our decor went with the theme. Loved it! I see you having a very stylish wedding for sure, lady!