Invitations on a budget!

We just finished stuffing our invitations last night, and we LOVE them!
They turned out so much better than we envisioned...and they were cheap!!! $49 total!!

Cost Breakdown: 
Design fee: $0! 
I designed them myself. 
Paper & Envelopes: $25! 
Aaron went to a wholesale paper supplier and found lovely black envelopes on sale for $3 for a pack of 50 (we bought 3 packs). Then he found a ream of 80lb card stock in the perfect shade of antiqued beige. $10 for 100 sheets.
Printing: $24 
We laid out the design two per page to save on paper and printing cost, so we were able to print 100 invites on 50 sheets of paper for $.49 per page, and they cut them for us. 
Total: $49

And the best part....we had FUN stuffing them next to our cozy fire! 


Anna said...

I love love love your invites! So beautiful!

Jessica said...

Aww, I love that you guys stuffed them together next to your fireplace! So romantic and perfect!

Isabel A said...

These are so much fun, cant' wait to see what your wedding photos look like!!

Stephanie said...


Ariana Wheeler said...

These are fantastic, no surprise! I love your designs!