Lean Mean, Green Machine!

With the wedding just over 3 months away, it's time to get serious about looking good in my dress! 
My favorite way to start my day: Green Machine! It's so clean and light and the ginger makes it delicious! 
It gives me a great energy boost, and a perfect start to my day! 

2 cups of Spinach
1 Cucumber
6 stalks of Celery 
1 Lime (be sure to slice off the peel)
1 Green Apple (cored)
1/2" piece of FRESH ginger! 


Alicia said...

Yumm! That actually looks delish! Did you just do that in your juicer?

Anne Mc said...

ginger makes everything taste better!

Stephanie said...

Love it! Super healthy. Seth and I love making healthy/detox smoothies!