T-shirt Scarf!

Wee for a t-shirt scarf! My friend Allyson showed me this, and I just loved the idea! Re-purposing is my favie! I quickly turned an ill-fitting t-shirt into a cute, and warm, necklacy-scarf!

Super simple! 
1. Start with any t-shirt in the back of your closet that doesn't quite fit right, has a stain, is 15 years old...use it! 
Remember, this will be close to your face, so make sure you choose a color that's flattering to your skin tone. 
2. Lay the t-shirt out flat. 
3. Cut the shirt into 1" strips. I wasn't sure how a shirt that had a logo on it would work, I thought it might give a neat variant to the texture....it didn't! But there is plenty of fabric, so just cut the strips right over the logo, we'll weed those out in a bit. Keep the very first loop that you cut - the one with the stitching. 
4. Stretch!!! Stretch the loops out as far as you can, so they naturally start to roll, hiding the cut marks. 
5. Cut each loop twice - at the side seams. 
6. Discard pieces with other colors / textures on them. 
7. Now you'll have a bunch of pieces of approx 2 feet long fabric. Tie each of those into loops. 
8. Trim the excess ends from where you tied the knots. 
9. Gather all your loops together, keeping all the knots in the same area. My pieces naturally just ended up being varying lengths, because I was sloppy with tying the knots. This ended up creating a great cascading look. If you are a perfectionist...you might end up needing to cut some of your strips shorter to achieve this. 
10. I used the original loop, the one with the stitching to wrap around the other loops and tie them all together.  I liked the white stitching against the green. But if your shirt doesn't have contrasting stitching, just use one of the other loops. Just keep wrapping and wrapping until you feel it's secure! 

Voila! Fini! Super cute necklace / scarf. And it's actually really cozy and warm! You can place the gathered part behind your neck, or on the side! 


Katie said...

So cute! I love it!

Alexis said...

Ooo! I wanna make one!

Anne Mc said...

LOVE this so perfect for summer!!
I have a ton of race t-shirts that I cant' bear to throw out but just wont wear out so this is a perfect idea to be able to remember my race but also be fashionable :)

Stephanie said...

Great job, it's so cute!

Kinetic Arts Rehearsal/Choreography said...

Love this idea! So cute!