Real, fake, tropical, wild flowers? So many choices! Long gone are the days when your wedding had to be dripping in white roses. The increase in popularity of other types of flowers has spread into the bridal world. What style will you choose? Your favorite flower is an easy place to start....or sticking to your colors is an obvious choice...but bump it up a notch with a really dramatic set like these purple Ranunculus:

The typical wedding bouquet can cost upwards of $150...yipes! So look at alternatives...make your own! 
Try thinking outside the box...what about creating your own silk arrangement? Or having your mom or grandma sew you one? No crafty ladies in your family? ETSY! 

How lovely are these satin roses? Or these silk stunners? Now that's dazzle!

So gorgeous! Then you have something to keep after the wedding...make hair clips or broaches out of the buds for each of your bridesmaids or mom's after the wedding as a sweet keepsake.

If you are having a beach wedding...take a stroll down the beach the morning of your wedding with your mom or bridesmaids and pick some local flowers...

Or if you're having a mountain wedding...delicately pluck some from the countryside...

Photo credit: Once Wed
Or better yet, have your husband-to-be go on a walk and pick some for you. How romantic to have a bouquet delivered to you from your groom? 

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