PDQ Perfection

When I'm not dreaming of foreign lands and a dream destination wedding, I keep busy at my shop, Sugar Lips Mini Donuts in Copper Mountain, Colorado...On a recent ski weekend in Monarch Mountain, something magical happened…I was warm! I was sporting a new baselayer set up, and was pleasantly surprised at how warm such a thin layer could keep me. I had recently been introduced to the ISIS brand through a review in Kickstand magazine, and immediately became a fan. I started with the PDQ Longneck top. The piece is sleek, stylish and form fitting, without being constricting. The inner lining is made of velour-fleeced micro-fiber yarn, and is incredibly soft and cozy against bare skin. The thumb loops are cute and practical, and the 10″ zipper makes for easy venting when you’re working up a sweat on deep powder days.
After swooning over the top, I was eager to try out the PDQ Tights. My love affair with ISIS continued. The flat seam construction allows the piece to fit smoothly under outer layers, without bunching up or rubbing between your shins and boots. Both pieces are perfect on the slopes, or off. They’re ideal for cross-country skiing or late night high-country strolls. The reflective stars and stitch detailing make the pieces stylish, modern and feminine without being cutesy.
In the outdoor industry, women’s gear has often been just a shrunken version of our male counterparts. ISIS only makes women’s clothing. Each piece is designed specifically for the shape of a woman’s body. The result is flattering pieces that easily took me from the slopes of Monarch to tapas and wine at The Fritz in style.

“You are a goddess,” reads the inner tag of the PDQ tights. Thanks ISIS, I think you’re pretty swell, too.

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Tanya said...

That's cute! I've never heard of that brand. I'll have to check it out!