Umbrella-ella-ella Yay Yay!

I love umbrellas. They are so whimsical and fun and living in Colorado, where it barely rains, getting to use one is a treat! Umbrellas aren't just practical though...they can be beautiful and elegant, and would be such a fun and unexpected way to dazzle a wedding! You could have your bridesmaids carry matching umbrellas...
Photo credit: The Bridal Suite

Or better yet...use them to decorate! How brilliant is this??? Simply hung upside down, they create an instant canopy. So dramatic and fun!

Photo Credit: Green Wedding Shoes

Photo credit: Green Wedding Shoes

Don't quiet have an "umbrella budget" in your plans? This site offers rentals! Bella Umbrella! There are so many to colors and styles to choose from! The "Pagoda" style is definitely my favorite. And the contrasting black and white is so graphic and bold. 

And I adore this red ruffled number! It's so reminds me of ruffled bloomers!


Samantha said...

Oh my gosh! So pretty!

Elizabeth said...

Haha, that bottom one does look like bloomers!

MANDE said...

Love em!!!
What an awsome way to decorate!

Stephanie said...

What a great idea for the bridesmaids - and GORGEOUS decorations! Wow, love it!

christine said...

Beautiful decoration and, I think, a romantic symbol.