I recently added fringe bangs...I may be a bit behind the trend...but I love them anyway! I've been trying out different ways to style an updo with bangs....and came up with this one!

Simple and easy! A great way to change up your look at night! 

  • Start with a ponytail high on top of your head. No need to make it perfect. 
  • Reserve 1/4 of the hair from the side of the pony tail. 
  • Gather the remaining 3/4 of the pony tail hair and create a classic ballerina bun. Use bobby pins to secure. 
  • Take the reserved piece of hair and braid. Tie with a clear band at the end. 
  • Wrap braid around the outside of bun. Use bobby pins liberally to secure braid.
  • Add a flower to add a little dazzle! 
My new go-to updo! I'm loving that with my new ombre hair, the bands are blonde and the braid is purple! 

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MANDE said...

Oooo- very cool! I wanna try! Let's hope I'm this coordinated!