In anticipation of my wedding this June, I had been keeping my hair long and natural. But now that the wedding is over....time to spice it up a bit! Time for OMBRE hair!

Excuse the terrible pictures....and the duck face! Ha....but I'm loving the new look. And it was surprisingly simple! 
  • Select your ombre pallet. My natural hair color is strawberry blonde, so I decided to keep that as the middle shade and use a lighter shade for the top and a darker shade for the bottom. If you're not in  love with your natural color, choose three shades: dark, medium and light. 
  • Section your hair into equal thirds. 
  • Lighten the top third. I used a bleach bright as I could go! 
  • Darken the bottom. I used dark maroon / burgundy shade.
I decided to layer my hair a bit to really accentuate the different shades. This style has so many options. Go for only slightly varying shades for a more subtle and demure look. Or go crazy! Imagine how fun this would be in shades of pink! 

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